ESG Sustainability Program

Introduction to ESG

This two-day intensive course focuses on the critical importance of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in creating value for corporates, investors, and society. Students and professionals will delve into the necessary steps to support the collection, analysis, measurement, and disclosure of ESG performance.

Course by Siam Technology College
by Siam Technology College

 Students will learn how to apply material ESG issues effectively to inform financial decision-making and learn how to develop a robust reporting and disclosure framework.

Course Description ESG

Introduction to ESG & Sustainability. Benefits of Sustainability Programs with ESG

Exploring the ESG Pillars

Understanding Materiality in ESG

Focus on enhancing report writing skills.

Focus on enhancing report writing skills. Operating according to ESG principles.

Graduate and receive a certificate

By Siam Technology College and Frazier Global

Learning Objectives

Overall, this course prepares professionals, students, supplier representatives, and business leaders with a fundamental understanding of ESG principles and their significance in corporate and investor decision-making and sustainability reporting.

Define and understand Sustainability and ESG and its importance to investors, business, and society.

Describe how ESG key concepts, risks and opportunities, and the use of data and technologies  are important for companies, investors and other stakeholders.

Recognize the usefulness of materiality assessments and understand the concept of double materiality as well as dynamic materiality  in the context of ESG. 

Differentiate the use of ESG for investment decisions and corporate management.

Gain an understanding of the universe of ESG issues that contribute to business valuation and corporate performance

Cooperation in developing the curriculum to international standards

Siam Technology College

Frazier Global


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9-10 November 2023 Time 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Price 30,000 baht.

Contact number

โทร. 02-878-5000